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British Themed Walkabout

Terry and Derek Bell are good old salt of the Earth, lovable East end cockney geezers. Truth is they don’t get out of London much. In fact this is their first time!

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Previous Clients

Previous Clients
Virgin. 10 Downing St. Buckingham Palace. Millenium Dome. Sir Paul McCartney. BBC. ITV. British Councils. BMW. Mazda. Xscape. The Levellers

Glastonbury. Waterford. Paramount Comedy. Henley. Shrewsbury. Ashbourne. Beautiful Days. V . Larmer Tree. Cork

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“Ridiculous and sublime”
Glastonbury Festival

“Completely mad! Completely brilliant!”
Brighton Festival

Winners of Top Comedy Act 2008
Contraband Events

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British Themed Walkabout

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