Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental has created a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip hop and comedy, and is the man behind the world’s first steampunk rap album.



Professor Elemental has created a unique neo-Victorian blend of hip hop and comedy, and is the man behind the world’s first steampunk rap album.

His music charts subjects such as steam-powered flight, underwater discovery, and nice cups of tea. With a heart of brass and a pair of goggles, he embodies the Victorian spirit of invention and exploration.

His act has gone like clockwork at such major events as The Steampunk World’s Fair, Bestival, The San Francisco Edwardian Ball, and The Canadian Steampunk Exhibition

Professor Elemental hosts, perform and teach hip hop in more ways than you can imagine, and he adds a healthy dollop of comedy and cabaret on the side. If you’re looking for lively, fun-packed rap music, taken in new and exciting directions, he’s very much your man.

Thinking about booking, or want to hear more? Here’s what he gets up to:


Professor Elemental, his most popular persona, is a steampunk mad professor. His hobbies include adventure, invention, and a good cuppa. Aside from a few of his experiments (best left unmentioned), the Professor first got himself noticed with the track Cup of Brown Joy. The video, which you can find on the Gallery page, has notched up over a million views on YouTube.

He takes to the stage and engage the audience at any kind of show – from festivals to fetish nights – and he also loves to work with people on special, bespoke events such as weddings. He’s happy to host cabaret or perform solo. Recent events have included The Bizarre Ball, Secret Garden Festival, and the Steampunk World’s Fair.


He has been a freelance workshop facilitator for the last five years, working with every age and ability. Using a wholly inclusive approach, he can get anyone writing, performing and recording a rap. Workshops can be tailored to fit specific themes or subjects from the curriculum such as poetry, phonics or the Victorian era.

They can also include a recording session, with kids getting to take their track away with them at the end. Alternately, they can lead up to a live performance. Workshops can be tailored to your needs, but generally run between one and two and a half hours, working with single sessions or a series of six.

He is a fully qualified teacher with an up-to-date CRB and extensive experience of working with special needs and behavioural issues. He can also provide references on request.


This year, a new Professor Elemental kids’ show has been premiered at the Big Chill festival. In the first kids-only rap show of its kind, Professor Elemental takes children on a fun journey through silly songs, daft dancing, and insane inventions live on stage. Now available for booking – get in touch for more details.

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Professor Elemental

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