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Loop Alley

Loop Alley

New generation KT Tunstall meets Beardyman this groovy looping duo from The Netherlands perform in an amazingly unique way!



New generation KT Tunstall meets Beardyman this groovy looping duo from The Netherlands perform in an amazingly unique way! Loop Alley are multi instrumentalist/producer Nathan Drohm (The Hague Conservatory) and singer/songwriter Libbie (Dino and Byte Records). With their ‘recording studio on wheels’ they produce and perform a fusion of jazz, funk, chill-out and pop tracks from scratch all absolutely live. Every song is unique because they never play them twice!!

Performing live with a sampler and sequencer along with bass, guitar, piano and horns Nathan uses his skills as a producer and musician to play and mix the original material. Singer Libbie adds her improvised vocals and together they build to a musical climax of funky melodies, combined with jazzy horns and chill out grooves. Inspired by Miles Davis, Chet Baker and the dreamy sounds of Portishead Loop Alley’s style could be described as a mix between jazz, soul meets 80’s pop and funk.

In April 2011 they started working with the vintage Electrix Repeaters (audio loopers) and Loop Alley was officially formed. Their performance differs from others because Nathan and Libbie challenge each other by not making a playlist and or communicate beforehand about the songs to play or parts to record. Because of the relaxed build-up in each song you get that ambient chill out vibe. It’s a bit like the maxi single (12-inch) on vinyl from the eighties. Great times recreated!

Since their inception Loop Alley have had airplay on their tracks on national radio. They have been in the running to become ‘the new soul and jazz talent’ and in December 2011 were one of the five finalist in the Top 2000 cover contest on Dutch station Radio 2. Their second album called Long Filler is being mastered by Miles Showell, who also mastered albums from Portishead, Groove Armada, Dido, Faithless and many more outstanding bands.

Their live performance is a changing process because of the improvised melody and beats. No ‘gig’ is the same. Recently they’ve added live video to their act making it more spectacular.

Coming from a musical family Nathan played many instruments from a young age and as a teenager entered the Royal Conservatory in The Hague to study jazz. On leaving he started his own Nathan Drohm jazz quartet. His interest in recording techniques led to study sound engineering in Rotterdam and producing artists at his own recording studio in Arnhem. One of these was singer Libbie and for many years since they have worked together song writing, producing and performing. Nathan’s interest and love for technics is reflected in his collection of gear and he strives for innovation and improvement of sounds. He came up with a new form of live performing called UFP, Ultra Fast Producing. Nathan produces a song from beginning to end in roughly 6 minutes, live on stage. All improvised and very spectacular!!!

Born to a Belgium Flemish family Libbie moved to The Netherlands at a young age and soon discovered she had a voice and the ability to improvise melodies and lyrics. Following her graduation at the Theatre School of Arnhem she became a member of successful Dutch girls group SfinXX. She continued her career as a solo singer and signed with Belgium Dance label Byte Records.

In 2001 Dutch radio station Noordzee FM asked her to become the station voice and not long after she became the DJ of an eighties programme on Friday nights. She worked for the station for 3 years while doing gigs in Belgium and Holland. Nathan and Libbie wrote and recorded the song ‘Is there anybody out there’ for the Film ‘The Martins’ with Lee Evans and Kathy Burke, their first steps to the UK! Expect a Loop Alley Invasion!

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