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With a repertoire of hundreds of songs, melodies and theme tunes, the Cosmic Sausages take their audience on a madcap musical tour of the world, meeting up with James Bond, Serge Gainsbourg, the Mafia, deranged COWBOYS, faithhealers, Cossacks and overacting popstars along the way.

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With a repertoire of hundreds of songs, melodies and theme tunes, the Cosmic Sausages take their audience on a madcap musical tour of the world, meeting up with James Bond, Serge Gainsbourg, the Mafia, deranged COWBOYS, faithhealers, Cossacks and overacting popstars along the way.  Appearing first as a gentle folk band and armed only with acoustic instruments, close harmonies and a shared vision of the surreal, the Cosmic Sausages ambush their audience with a sustained barrage of pop classics, mixing theatre, circus, slapstick, competitions, crowd participation and insane walkabouts.

The Cosmic Sausages were formed in 1990 and developed their show during an epic 5-month European tour taking in twelve countries and performing their streetshows over 250 times.  Since then they have returned to Europe frequently, appearing at numerous street theatre and music festivals in places such as Ferrara, Neuchatel, Bern, Castellaro and Davos, as well as winter tours of the ski resorts including Chamonix, St Moritz, Meribel, Lenzeheide, Val d’Isere and Chateau D’oex.

Back home in England, the Sausages perform extensively up and down the land. Appearing regularly at many festivals such as Glastonbury (numerous times!), they have also found themselves embedded in local folklore in many towns where they have become street performance legends!

The Sausages have played hundreds of weddings and parties and performed at corporate events for some of the country’s largest companies.

They have played in a wide variety of locations from the large (Earls Court and Knebworth) to the small (garden fêtes a speciality). They have performed at the national theatre and appeared in Pantomime at ‘Circus Crimbo’ at Blackheath Concert Halls 1999/2000.

Television appearances
The Sausages performed the song ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ with Monty Python legend Eric Idle recently (2008) at a show for HRH Prince Charles, which was shown nationally on ITV1. They have played live on Pick of the Fringe on HTV and are heavily featured in the Music Mavericks documentary by Swiss Art-House Film Director Alain Godet.  Other television appearances include ‘Newsround’, a live appearance during ‘National Music Day (BBC1) and several appearances on European television.

Street Theatre Shows
The Streetshow is actually what the band was born to do, did exclusively for the first few years and many would argue what they do best and where they are most at home. It is only later that they adapted there performances for different situations. The street at its best is the most perfect theatre, it’s certainly where you have your most memorable shows and over the years The Cosmic Sausages have tried to exhibit the sheer power of quality streetshows to the masses both at home and abroad.

The Aperitif Set
The band set the scene at any event by playing a selection of their most beautiful jigs and reels followed by some serenading of the guests in their own inimitable style. This is ideal at a champagne reception or pre dinner drinks or in any situation where a less full on presentation is desired/required.  The Sausages have built up an amazing repertoire of tunes over the years and it’s always a pleasure to give them a bit of an airing. They often do this before circulating the tables with the a la carte menu so it also has the effect of making the guests think they are something more passive before they become something else which is nice.

Normally the Aperitif starts with 30 minutes or so of beautiful tunes which is then followed by a more interactive serenading sequence which involves circulating the guests. During this with a few simple fashion accessories some stunning photo opportunities are created and it all provides for a great animation of a pre dinner/champagne reception or just a beginning of a party to set the mood and break the ice.

The Menu
The band circulate the tables or groups with the A La Carte Menu, which features hundreds of songs and Melodies. The guests have to choose, Its normally one song per table and the list includes every style of music in the world, one song from every country in the world (almost!) but if there’s nothing on there that they like and they have a special song that moves their heart the band promise to attempt it no matter what it is: that’s the sort of consummate professionals they are! There’s everything there from Bob the Builder to the Sex Pistols, there’s sing a longs, theme tunes, pop, rock and disco, tunes for the young ones, tunes for the old ones and we do try and cater for every conceivable taste.

Circulating with the menu works perfectly to animate any formal dinner, wedding breakfast or in front of a large number of guests where performing acoustically from a fixed point would be too quiet to be effective. Going table to table also gives the band the chance to get to know each guest/table personally and have that close up comic interaction with everyone there. This is how they generally perform at weddings and parties and other situations where a formalised theatrical show is not appropriate but tailored to fit of course.

The band prides itself in being able to play where no other band would dare. Being acoustic they can do their comic following of members of the public, serenade, glide around effortlessly, join in carnivals and parades, stop, start and waft about animating as they go. High streets and shopping centres are never the dame again once the Sausages have been in town!

With a repertoire of over 2000 songs they like to think they can cater for all musical tastes and tune into people of all ilks.  The can follow people hilariously, serenade old ladies with a bit of Vera Lynn or Chris de Burgh, play Bob The Builder to the kids, lullabyes to the babies in prams and crank it up for whoever else might be in front of them. interaction is the name of the game and with the Sausages roaming around a high street there is an immeasurable amount of smiles and laughter flying about.

There’s an incredible array of photo opportunities during a walkabout and the public get a chance to see themselves decorated with the traditional sausage fashion accessories and quite often playing the Sausage instruments which makes for a great bit of memorabilia but also creates a great bit of animation. Yet again the Sausages are completely at home on the street and as they always perform acoustically theres nowhere they can’t go! No job too small, no street too long!

Weddings and Parties
The band performs at a whole array of weddings, parties, funerals, barmitzvahs, stadiums and garden fetes.  They always tailor a suit to fit each occasion and always have several options in the way perform and the material they perform to make that special occasion extra special extra special.  Weddings and parties are a speciality and by performing the way they do they make each and every event they perform at unique.  They rarely perform their full show at a wedding or a party. More typically they would start the event with the Aperitif set playing background music and serenading the guests as only the sausages can followed by circulating the tables or groups of guests with the A La Carte Menu.

They can perform statically and often do but the presentation would totally depend on the nature of the event. The most important thing is to adapt to each and every event to maximum effect so with a huge array of material and different performance options the sausages tend to read the moment and choose the best material and style for maximum effect. Frequently at weddings and parties a more relaxed style is preferred but they can launch into any part of their show if the moment demands and of course they always have to end it all with stunning love pageant for that special person/s. They do love an emotional climax as do we all.

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“Hi Sausages,
I met your band in the BUSKER S FESTIVAL of FERRARA, ITALY.
I took nice pictures with you, and you gave me your contacts to send you the pictures.  Thank you very much for your fantastic and very humouristic way by which you show your talented and aristic skills near IL CASTELLO di FERRARA. Really I am a new comer here to Ferrara and I was so sad and with no friends, so your show warmed me and made me for the first time here in Italy to laugh and with tears, not tears of crocodile …..real tears so thanks again for the whole band, and I hope to see you again.”


“Hi Guys, I just want to say thank you for playing at our wedding on 31st Oct. Many of our guests commented you were the best wedding entertainment they have ever seen and some have even been heard to say it was the best wedding they have been to, so thanks for contributing to that and making our day extra special. It certainly gave us lots to talk about whilst we were on honeymoon and we are slowly getting through photos, so any good ones will be uploaded onto your site for you. Thanks again. You rocked!!”
Fiona & Duncan

“Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know how fantastically talented you are! But ‘hey’ i’m sure you must already know that? We came to see you at ‘Batcombe Villiage Hall’, you may recall our 7yr old daughter Megan sat gazing up at you from the front of the stage whilst singing and dancing for all she was worth!! January can be a depressing month but you guys sure swept away the ‘winter blues’….. and then some!! keep on doing what you’re doing, it really does make a difference!! Top marks all round! BRAVO!!”
Jo, John Jack and Megan, Castle Cary Somerset

“Wow, what can I say. Following what can only be described as musical mayhem and madness, Yelvertoft will never be the same again! And we know the villagers can read “aaaaaargh”. Seriously absolutely brill night and I really hope to see you again.”

“The Marquee in Speen was rocking, we have had some pretty great gigs in the past and you guys had a lot to live up to, you sure did. The audience of 220 odd had in the words of one seasoned gig goer an “awesome” time the buzz was electric. You sparkled and put in 120%. In the words of the song “Thanks for the memory”

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