Bollywood Vibes

Bollywood Vibes

Bollywood Vibes are a professional Bollywood dance company offering bespoke performances and workshops to add some bollywood sparkle to your event.



Bollywood Vibes are a professional Bollywood dance company offering bespoke performances and workshops to add some bollywood sparkle to your event.

They offer performances and workshops for all sorts of occasions. Bollywood dance is a great way to liven up an event – whether it’s at a wedding, fashion show, festival, corporate event or just a party! Whatever it is, they can get your guests in the bollywood spirit and get your team or friends bonding over some Indian dance moves.

Bollywood Vibes brings to life the vibrancy, colour and infectious rhythms of Bollywood through our spectacular dance performances. They will have you on the edge of your seat, or even better, up and dancing!

Latest news!

They have had a great start to 2011, spreading the Bollywood Vibes across many schools in the UK who have experienced their fun and inspirational dance workshops.

They have also done some great London Bollywood dance events and private parties, and have our dancers hard at work! Looking forward to an exciting year ahead…

Bollywood Vibes are a professional dance company, consisting of dancers from diverse backgrounds specialising in Bollywood, Classical, Bhangra and Kathak dance. They also have training in western dance styles such as Street, Contemporary, Hip Hop and ballet which they have used to create a unique and exciting fusion of Bollywood dance.

The four founding members have been dancing together professionally for 3 years and have performed at a wide range of events, including Corporate Events, Festivals, Melas, Fashion shows, Cabaret shows, Weddings, TV and Films. Coming from different backgrounds, it’s their passion for Indian dance which has united them and inspired them to set up the company.

They fuse popular Bollywood songs with more modern and funky tracks to bring you an energetic and vibrant performance that’s guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance.


They offer a range of different dance medleys you can choose from designed to get the party started! Some are more traditional dances and others more contemporary and up beat. The medleys consist of a collection of music from different songs, usually about four or five songs go into one medley. The music they use in their medleys is a fusion of popular traditional and modern Bollywood songs.

Their dancers are all professionally trained and perform to the highest standard. they also invite professional guest choreographers from the Bollywood world to come and create dance with them at Bollywood Vibes, this keeps the dance fresh and exciting, both to perform and watch.

They have a range of costumes to choose from, some are more demure and traditional, while others a little more daring! You can take a look at our gallery page and choose the outfits that best go with your event. They also change their costumes if they are doing two performances during the event, this gives the audience a chance to see their range of beautiful costumes and it creates a different feel during the medleys they perform.

As well as a performance they also offer the option to run a dance workshop with your guests.

They can do several performances during your event, one popular format is a performance followed by a workshop and then finishing with a final performance.

They have lots of fantastic dancers on their books, so Bollywood Vibes can cater for all types of events – from small intimate Sangeet nights, to weddings, to large theatre productions

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