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Opera Mayhem

Opera Mayhem reverberates with high-energy, wild, flamboyant, even risqué entertainment.  Be grabbed by us!

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Opera Mayhem reverberates with high-energy, wild, flamboyant, even risqué entertainment. Be grabbed by us! We will draw you out of everyday life into something greater. We don’t do background music – we bring the show to you and draw you into the show! Our riotous performing is matched by passionate singing. Opera is powerful, and whilst this is not traditional opera, our shows have the power to touch tragedy, joy and downright ridiculousness. Opera Mayhem is always great!

Watch Out, Audience – This Involves You Too!

Opera Mayhem gives a kick start to any wedding, party or event which is looking for something powerful and off-the-wall to set it apart. We offer ready-to-go solo and duo shows, or we can provide bespoke entertainment to suit your particular needs.

Opera Mayhem has given around 3,000 performances over the past seventeen years. We have performed at weddings, corporate events and numerous private parties. Clients have included: City Varieties, Leeds; The British Council, Ethiopia; Kungsbacka Festival, Göteborg, Sweden; Claridge’s Hotel, London; Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville, Spain; RTS Television, Belgrade, Serbia; and the Siberian State Opera, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

A large part of Opera Mayhem’s work takes place in restaurants which offer unusual entertainment. Opera Mayhem put on daily shows at Little Bay, Brighton and inaugurated the performing at its sister restaurant in Belgrade; the latter proved so popular that Toby Sims, Opera Mayhem’s founder, appeared 35 times on Serbian TV and premiered his show, The Sublime, the Grotesque and the Ridiculous, at the restaurant.

Our repertoire comes from popular, serious and comic opera, Neapolitan Song and a few old favourites – but always with a touch of farce. Watch out too for our wilder sketches such as Figaro Pie! We love doing surprise entrances and passing ourselves off as fake guests.

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“Our guests were enthralled at the fun & the talent combined together to create an unforgettable experience. The looks on their faces… and the smiles say it all.”
Lord Kevin J Newman, wedding, The Grand Hotel, Brighton

“Great voice and such a character! What a great night. My sides still hurt from laughing!”
Trip Advisor, Little Bay, Brighton

“Guests attending all speak of the wonderful performances given both in the quality of the singing as well as the hilarious antics, or Mayhem that ensued during the performance. We cannot thank or recommend Opera Mayhem enough and can assure anyone that hires them will have a night that they will remember for a very long time.”
Matthew Wetz, private party, The Poet’s House, Ely


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