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Maximilian Somerset

Maximilian Somerset

Max became known to the British public as the star of his own hit Sky Television Series Max Magic and featuring in the series Undercover Magic.

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Max became known to the British public as the star of his own hit Sky Television Series Max Magic and featuring in the series Undercover Magic.

For his services to magic, he was eventually awarded honorary membership of the world’s premier magical society The Magic Circle, and performed at the Circle’s centenary celebrations. He is now an award winning member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

In 2007, Max brought magic to a younger audience by starring as the eccentric and madcap Sorcerer in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (CBBC). The programme gave 14 children the chance to attend magic school and learn some of magic’s finest secrets, performing competitively to win the prestigious title of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Since then Max has featured in and conceptualised tricks for further two series of the hit show.

Also an accomplished musician, Max studied music at Trinity College of Music in London and gained bachelors and masters degrees in music. Whilst at Trinity he also wrote the syllabus for Digital keyboard, grades 6-8. Max, whilst diverse for any occasion, likes to combine his music and magic in his own unique style of performance.

Max is the recent recipient of the Magic Circle’s prestigious Calton Comedy Award for his one man theatre show Signature Tricks. The only magician to present three consecutive sell out shows at the Magic Circle, the audience were treated to a madcap flourish of music, magic, comedy and a touch of mind reading.

Max is currently the resident magician at Mayfair’s Cover Street Arts Club.

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“Max’s jocular hybridization of mentally themed performance with magic illusions and music has enthralled our members on a bi-monthly basis. His incredible sleight of hand tricks have never once been repeated by him, to the wide-eyed astonishment of all. Little wonder that his moniker – ‘Unusualist’ is no surprise at all.”
 Dover Street Arts Club

“I’ve now had the good fortune of seeing several of your “YouTube” pieces and think you’re fantastic. You’re funny, wild, surreal, original, and inventive. Your technique is superb and your imagination joyfully refreshing. So I write you as a new fan.”
Teller (Penn and Teller ITV Fool us)

“You were brilliant, they were a tough crowd but you won them over.”
Sir Elton John

“Thank you Max, you’re a genius!”
Stephen Fry

“Dear boy, you are the face of the Magic Circle.”
 Jack Delvin (President of Magic Circle)

“This guy really knows how to impress and astound. We have top flight magicians every year for this event and have done for six years. I can truly say that Maximilian has surpassed them all. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”
Paul Dunstan, Housemaster- McGill’s House

“When I watch you perform on stage, you are Electrifying. It’s amazing.”
Katherine Mills (TV magician)

“We loved the fact that having Maximilian the Unusualist at our exhibition gave us something other than a standard magician who does card tricks, he didn’t tell the guests he was a magician and made the unusual happen with seemingly everyday objects, the subtlety of it all seemed to compliment the fun social nature of the viewing.”
Linley Galleries Kensington

“Oh my goodness, I’d forgotten how good you were!”
Hugh Grant

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