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Multiple world record holder of dare devil stunts and death defying feats Johnny Strange is a favourite at corporate events, parties, festivals and conventions all over the world.

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Multiple world record holder of dare devil stunts and death defying feats Johnny Strange is a favourite at corporate events, parties, festivals and conventions all over the world. From blindfolded chainsaw juggling to eating broken glass, lying on a bed of nails to running a drill into his skull he provides entertainment with a capital WOW and can brighten up any event with his unique comedy fused with jaw dropping acts and superhuman feats.

His diverse performances can range from 5 to 45 minutes, filled with non stop, outrageous entertainment. So if you are looking for an entertainer who will stand out and add something a little different to your event then look no further, because his stunts have to be seen to be believed!

Johnny Strange can customise his acts to suit your events needs, providing an enjoyable brand of humour coupled with death defying acts of precision that are sure to leave a lasting impression. His shows are suitable for the young and old, both adults and children, and everyone leaves with a smile of their face.

This experienced and professional performer can deliver high quality, high skill and highly entertaining performances. He also understands that some of his acts, at first, can be perceived as being too shocking, so bearing this in mind, he presents everything in a charming and friendly manner, laced with jokes and designed to entertain and thrill rather than to shock and repulse.

Acts Available;

• Sword Swallowing (swallowing various different swords and can involve audience participation),

• The Human Blockhead (sliding a pair of scissors and drilling a power drill up his nose and into the centre of his skull),

• Target Whip Cracking (a whip routine with a difference; splitting targets held in his hands, behind his back and out of his own mouth – can also involve audience participation),

• Feats of Speed (testing the speed of his hand against the reaction time of the steel jaws of a bear trap),

• Razor Blade Swallowing (swallowing a series of razor blades, followed by a length of string before miraculously retrieving them all neatly tied together),

• Pierced Weight Lifting (demonstrating why Guinness World Records gave him the title “The man with ears of steel” by lifting a beer keg off the floor by just the piercings in his ears),

• Chainsaw Juggling (Juggling like you have never seen before, juggling a real running chainsaw),

• Chainsaw Stunts (one of the stunts that got him featured in the Guinness Book of Records (eight times); cutting an apple out of his mouth using a petrol chainsaw …blindfolded),

• Glass Eating (polishing off a generous serving of red wine followed by the wine glass itself, miraculously without sustaining injury),

• Fire Manipulation (performing various fire stunts including fire eating, fire breathing, fire vapours, body burning and more),

• Dangerous Balancing Act (balancing a running electric lawnmower on his face while the audience throw paper balls into the blades …hey presto, instant confetti).

• And much more!

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“One of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever done, but thank you I enjoyed it none the less”
Paul Walker, BBC Radio

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Johnny headline our festival. Book him quick, this lads gonna be busy”
Southside Fringe Festival

“The king of the Sideshow is back, bigger and better than ever. It’s the show you can afford to see, but can’t afford to miss”
Skin Deep Magazine

“This was a watch through your fingers act that blew many minds over the weekend!”
Tattoo Jam Convention

“Multiple Guinness World Record holder Johnny Strange truly is Officially Amazing”
Guinness World Records

“He was so good he left me scratching my head in amazement.
Ben Shires, ‘Guinness World Records: Officially Amazing’ TV Presenter

“I absolutely love what you do, I love variety.
Stephen Mulhern, TV Presenter

“One of the strangest, unique and most dangerous performers in the UK.
Paul Walker, BBC Radio DJ

“Sword swallowing is crazy, have you never died or anything doing it?
Joey Essex, TV Personality

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