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Jeremy Nicholas

Jeremy Nicholas

Jeremy is an award winning TV and radio broadcaster, well known for his quirky ‘And Finally’ reports for BBC News.  He’s much in demand as an MC at events.



Jeremy is an award winning TV and radio broadcaster, well known for his quirky ‘And Finally’ reports for BBC News.

He’s much in demand as an MC at events. He’s compered hundreds of business events for the likes of IBM, Samsung and Boots. His background as a sports broadcaster is a perfect fit for awards shows.

In 2014 his career peaked when he hosted The Good Funeral Awards.

He devised the Talking Toolbox system to as part of his campaign to make business conferences Jless boring. Jeremy coaches speakers on how to present with confidence and runs a Talking Toolbox Masterclass on how to be more entertaining and engaging.

On television he’s reported on the face of Elvis appearing on a piece of Stilton cheese, the Moscow State Circus husband and wife crossbow act who were getting divorced but still had eighteen months left on their contract and Speedie the tortoise having an artificial leg fitted. Tragically pigeonholed as an end-of-bulletin man, he never gets the lead story.

However every cloud has a silver lining and Jeremy’s now a well-known voice on the after-dinner circuit and was the 42nd person in the UK to be awarded a Fellowship of the Professional Speaking Association. He helps other speakers to raise their game using his Talking Toolbox techniques.

However kids of all ages are more impressed that he’s the voice of the global best selling football video game FIFA 15. If your children have this game, you will know this man’s voice, perhaps a little too well.

TV sports fans will recognise him as the early face of live football on Channel 5, back in the days when the picture was a bit fuzzy. When the signal improved he was replaced by someone better looking.

Jeremy’s career highlights include being punched by maverick football manager Brian Clough during an interview, losing out to Anthea Turner in the hunt for a new Blue Peter presenter and being ambushed live on air by an armed man claiming to be Jesus.

He’s written a couple of books, one of which was good. His third book will be finished when his speaking work dries up and he can find time to write it.

He enjoys sea salted caramels made by master chocolatier Bianca Marton. In fact he likes them so much that in 2014 he did a Dragon’s Den style investment and now co-owns the business. Jem likes to think that his friends refer to him as Willy Wonka, but he may have misheard.

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Jeremy Nicholas

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