Hula Hoop Street Show

Hula Hoop Street Show

Hoops, hoops and more hoops!

Everything you ever wanted and never needed to know about hula hooping.

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Hoops, hoops and more hoops!

Everything you ever wanted and never needed to know about hula hooping.

Based in the UK this highly skilled and captivating hula hooper spins her way around the country and indeed the world to perform for you on the stage, the screen and the street.

Angie has many different acts and costumes to suit many different events, from the jaw dropping 5 minute stage shows with all the big tricks, the glitz and the glam to her hooptastic, interactive 30 minute comedy street shows.

At the right events Angie just loves to get people up and hooping, experience has proven with the right hoops, a little encouragement and the right music, anyone young or old can look good in a hoop.

She has all the hoops and she knows how to use them, 1 – 50 hoops, big, small. shiny, Led glow, UV and fire hoops, she even has a triangle and a square one!

There is no event to big or to small, Angie has previously featured in Music videos, worked in television, private parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, team building exercises, festivals and more.

She loves a challenge and can create new and original works and costumes bespoke to your events where needed or wanted.

Angie is an experienced professional performer, she is always punctual, well dressed and comes armed with a large stack of hoops and a big smile.

#Love my job!

Stage show
Angie has a wide variety of different shows for the stage with a few set choreographed pieces or simply name your theme or piece of music and she’ll do the routine with traditional shiny hoops, UV hoops or the latest in fully programmable Led hoops.

All shows are approximately 5 – 7 minutes in length and can be performed as a solo or double show using from 1 – 50 hoops, they are up beat, high energy, highly skilled, unforgettable feats of hoop artistry.

Street show
Hoops, hoops and more hoops!  Everything you ever wanted and never needed to know about hula hooping.

From death defying stunt hooping to the dazzling glitz of circus hula hoops, witness the jaw dropping giant 6ft hoop all the way to the multi hooping human tower of uncertainty!

Angie’s hooptastic, interactive comedy show is jam packed with highly skilled hula hoop tricks, iconic music and a whole lot of heart.

This is a solo performance lasting 30 minutes, it can be performed twice at any event with the option of a separate 30 minute hula hoop workshop, or it can be performed twice directly followed by a 20 – 30 minute workshop at each show.


Hula Hoop Walkabout
Always colourfully costumed, bright and bubbly, Angie comes armed with a large stack of hoops and some funky tunes.  She will wow everyone with her impromptu hula hooping displays around your event before getting a few helpers up to show just how much fun it is.

This is an interactive walkabout that encourages everyone, even those who never thought it was possible to join in, get up and hoop, and for those slightly less adventurous or unable to partake to simply enjoy the spectacle.  It finishes by Angie gathering up all the hoops into a massive hoop stack finale.

Costumes and music can always be themed to suit any type of event or festival.

Battery powered portable music system provided.

Hoop Skills Workshop
The beautiful thing about hula hooping is that it crosses the generations, kids, mums, dads, grandparents, with the right hoops and a little encouragement anyone can look good in a hoop.
This is a fun and creative way to increase your core strength, flexibility and spatial awareness, the irresistible Angie will have you hooping in no time.
Individuals or groups, intensive or open workshops, team building days, ages 5 – 95, this one’s for everyone!
If you’ve tried hooping with a child’s hoop before don’t be dismayed, once you’ve got a professional hoop around your hips Angie guarantees to get you hooping!

Combine the walkabout or workshop option with a hula hoop comedy street or stage show to provide a memorable, fun and positive impact at your event.

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“Angie was a big hit and we look forward to having her again”
Formula1 – Abu Dhabi

“Angie was punctual, professional and thoroughly entertaining ”
Gatwick Airport

“Angie was awesome and the party was a huge success and we all had an amazing time.”
Ogilvy Action Romania

“Angies Hula Hoop acts were absolutely amazing and really helped make the event go well. She was really easy to get on with and put on a spectacular performance.”
Anglo Irish Bank

“I’ve never seen anyone bring a party alive like Angie! She managed to get everyone of all ages hooping together, beautiful to see”
Event Manager

“Making something incredibly difficult look incredibly easy!”
Glastonbury Festival

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Hula Hoop Street Show

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