The Drumming Ants

Drumming Ants

The Drumming Ants are perfect for musical parades, carnivals, festivals and big outdoor events where you want a very special performance that is large enough for everyone to see and enjoy. This percussion ensemble has delighted adults and children world wide.



“I was in the Uxbridge event on Sunday as a member of Bloco Do Sul Samba Bateria (I’m a Surdo Player) – Your Samba-playing ants were just sensational – mind-blowing concept and costumes – 12 foot tall ants! – And great samba playing to boot. Incredible!”
Dick Quinellviews

“We enjoyed all the activities, the kids played on the music things, ie tree trunks and xylophones with the tree branches and really enjoyed them.  The favourite I think was the ants and we loved how they marched through the crowds”
Visitor to event

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