Blend the songwriting sensibilities of Joni Mitchell, the production values of Genesis and the epic pop of the Eurythmics and you start to get the idea of what Bruise have to offer.

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Blend the songwriting sensibilities of Joni Mitchell, the production values of Genesis and the epic pop of the Eurythmics and you start to get the idea of what Bruise have to offer. This unique duo bring an authentic and original contribution to the world of progressive folk with stunning voice, well crafted songs and exceptional arrangements.

Bruise consists of Isobel Morris and Jim Kimberley. Isobel’s distinctive and compelling voice was first heard in folk clubs before moving to Alaska where she formed her first band The Pagan Cowgirls, who supported American singer Leanne Rhymes.

Drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jim Kimberley has had extensive experience playing with greats such as Squeeze(UK), Niagara(FR) Mark Knopfler(UK) and Sting.

They met in Jim’s mostly derelict home in the East End of London, a little bit further east of the fashionable east end. That says more than it might, Bruise are just that bit further east of fashion, Bruise exist where inspiration starts.

With two very separate ideas of what was music Isobel and Jim’s taste collided to form progressive folk like it had never been heard before. From a background of folk clubs and festivals, unacompanied singing and opened tuned guitars, Isobel had a catalogue of melodic and lyrically intense songs, Jim brought production sensibilities from early Genesis and pop genius not seen since Cindy Lauper.

Their first album was much loved, critically acclaimed by The Times, The Wire and played on BBC6 Music. It opened a door to venues all over the world, from Europe to the US, their live shows gathered a momentum that left audiences slack jawed in amazement.

This strong recorded presence and growing reputation as live performers won them repeat appearances at Glastonbury, support slots for cult space-rockers Hawkwind, play on US college radio, positive review after positive review and many delights on their way there.

Together they perform as an acoustic duo, an electric two piece, then with the addition of Bob Kelly on bass they make a three piece. In any guise this band moves people, they move their feet and sometimes they’re moved to tears. Their self assured second album ‘Nobody Else’, underpins the creative impact that this band have got to make.

Bruise have already graced big UK festivals such as Glastonbury, The Big Green Gathering, The Rhythm Festival and others, although their set is equally suited to more intimate clubs and venues. This year they made their first appearance at major European festival Appelpop and with international airplay from Japan to the US, sessions on the BBC, as well as endorsement from quality music press, this band are cutting a very individual swathe through the industry to impressive effect.

Listen, it’s emo for adults, it’s not ‘pop’ it’s ‘bang’ and though you can’t see the future you can probably hear it…

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“…a feast of articulate and intelegent, adult oriented songwriting that consistently succeeds, and gets better the more you play it”
Steve Caseman, R2

“A beautiful development of the bands uniquely progressive take on modern folk music, acoustic bliss.”
CD Baby

“Janice loves!”
Janice Long BBC Radio 2

Tom Robinson BBC 6

“intense psychodramas with radio friendly choruses that hint at a wider audience”
The Wire

“With a sound combining elements of pastoral English folk, pop, prog and rock, London based duo Bruise has earned tour support with Hawkwind and bookings at folk clubs. That’s what we call versatile”
Rock n Reel

“instantly familiar and searingly original at the same time”
The Source // Brighton

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