why Joogleberry?

how to Joogle

Part 1:

It’s easy! Just look at the Acts section on our website and if you see what you want straightaway, that’s great. If not, just ask. We have stacks of great acts in the wings so we know we can get it right for you.

If you don't have a clue what you want, call us and have a chat first. We'll listen to what you say and recommend the best act for you. There is no obligation to book with us but we hope you will want to.

If you know exactly what you want and need the security of a firm booking, call us immediately and we will take care of all the details giving you complete peace of mind.
We take the time so you don't have to.

Part 2:

The more you can tell us about your event and the kind of entertainment you want the easier it will be to get everything sorted for you.

To book an act for you we will need to know:

  • Date, Location, Time of your event
  • The Occasion
  • Act name or Entertainment style
  • Your budget (if known)
  • How to get in touch with you (your phone number and/or email address)

Don't worry, if you don't have all the information to hand we can still get the ball rolling!
Call us or email and we'll get straight back to you.


Call  07930 160737 (Do leave a message)

Email  acts@joogleberry.com

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