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World class musicians Musa Mboob and Ousman Beyai have brought together some of the best musicians they have worked with from Gambia - West Africa to England - Europe. The unique music that has been created draws upon a vast range of European and African styles. 

XamXam started from an inter-cultural song writing project where 7 musicians from the UK went to The Gambia to make new music. In only 2 weeks the musicians recorded an album with four different bands and over 30 musicians from The Gambia.

Initiator of the project Musa Mboob was born in Serrakunda, Gambia, West Africa. He is the son of Doudou M’Boob, the Gambian percussionist. In 1985, he became a professional performer, with percussion, singing and dance, following a family tradition, which can be traced back at least six generations. He became very popular playing at traditional baby naming ceremonies, weddings and concert appearances.

In July of 1988, he took part in The Gambian Cultural Festival, at which he was awarded a certificate recognizing him as the No. 1 Percussionist in The Gambia. The award was presented by the Minister of Culture and the Director of Arts and Culture.

In 1990, he was invited to England to record the album entitled Mboob Mbalahal, meaning Mboob playing the drum. Since his first trip to England with Ifang Bondi, Musa has continued working as a cultural ambassador promoting Gambian music both in the Gambia and in the UK and Europe.

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