Billie Rae

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Billie RaeA well known and respected name on the UK and International Burlesque scene,
 Billie Rae has a wide spread identity of being one of the most compelling and creative,
vintage burlesque dancers performing right now, 
incorporating fire, circus and old school glamour into her art 
Billie Rae can create truly inspiring beautiful acts to entertain any crowd.

With her red hair and ivory skin Billie Rae is a unique and talented Burlesque dancer and fire performer with grace and poise reminiscent of the bohemian starlets and vamps of the 20's. Whether dancing with fire or weaving her fans Ms Rae can take you back to the truly decadent and strange world of smoky Opium dens, the promiscuous Casbahs and the lavish bordellos of that hedonistic era.

A meld of circus treats and theatre macabre with classical dance, eroticism and ornate costumes, Billie Rae uses her training in Fine Art and Fashion to inspire and create spectacular avant-garde performances and lavish wears.

A Bohemian Starlet, illustrator, model and artist plus experienced stilt walker, she is a child of creativity, full of drive and contagious optimism.

Based in Brighton Billie Rae is also gracing stages of the world from Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and even as far as China and New York, at the most well respected nights alongside the best of National and International performers and for some of the most prestigious names in Burlesque and Cabaret, previous clients have included Louis Vuitton, Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque and many more...


"With her sensational, intricate costumes and her unrivaled artistic flair, Billie Rae pays an exuberant and loyal homage to 1920s burlesque and bohemia. She is an asset to any performance." - Lady Alex, Wam Bam Club, Cafe de Paris

"She's Fab!" - Richie Warren, Fuel Girls

"Staying true to the glamour of the 1920s but with a seductive, teasing edge, Billie Rae is one of the most captivating and mesmerising dancers that I have been lucky enough to watch." - Myles Storey- Brighton Ballroom

"Billie Rae is one of the most compelling performers on the London circuit today - a true carnival spirit, fabulous costuming, exotic and intriguing acts, and fire skills that will blow you away - a true bohemian starlet!" - Missy Fatale - The Swinging Burlesque Boudoir, Volupte

"Billie Rae is one of those rare gems in burlesque someone who performs as well as she shoots, she is a a true enchantress it feels like she has stepped out of a 1920's silent film and sprung to life under a dusty spotlight a definite rising star of vintage burlesque" - Neil Kendell

"The sexiest fire breathing fan dancing burlesque beauty the world has ever seen!" - Stranger than Paradise

"Fire goddess come classical fan dancer come burlesque beauty all in one pretty package." - Brixton Hootananny

"Bille Rae checked in to the Gypsy Hotel and rocked the house with her sexy fire act!" - Paul-Ronney Angel

"Billie Rae adds a touch of sideshow nostalgia with a provocative flaming baton dance, displaying an impressive command of the element – the Brighton belle deftly puts it out and lights it up again and breathes repeated fireballs over a mesmerized audience..." - Erotic Review














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